Our Terminal Locations:

  • Wind Gap, PA
  • Twin Oaks, PA
  • Dundalk, MD
  • Selkirk, NY
  • Framingham, MA
  • Lordstown, OH
  • Mechanicville, NY
  • Buffalo, NY
  • Newburgh, NY
PO Box 160 Wind Gap, PA 18091 | 800-631-0496

Our Profile

Trucking is in our blood. Our dad had milk tankers so we were born into the trucking industry. We went from farm-to-farm picking up milk and took it to the city dairies to be bottled or made into butter and cheese. It was a 7 day a week job because cows never took a day off.  

As we grew older, it was second nature to want to provide service because we lived it every day while growing up. We started hauling automobiles in 1985. Then in April of 1996, Brothers Auto Transport LLC did our first trip.  Brothers Auto Transport started with just one truck, and it has grown to a fleet of over one hundred company-owned, state-of-the-art stinger transporters.

We accomplished this remarkable growth with one focus in mind: Customers First.  Brothers began in the rental car market: turn backs to auctions, city to city moves, and directly to rental sales lots.  We were once told by a customer that “they changed the way they do business by the service we give.”  That was an inspiration to us.  We are still very involved with the rental car business, but we have expanded our reach.

For growth purposes, we ventured into the OEM finished vehicle distribution. We have been able to continue our strategic growth by keeping a common goal throughout the company- provide the customer with high quality, reliable automotive transportation. If we cannot commit to providing superior service, we will not take on the work. Although it can be challenging, together we get it done.